Danger Twins

Nashville rock band by Amy Stroup & Andrew Bissell

Danger Twins is the hub for the music of the band. Nashville, TN band by Amy Stroup & Andrew Simple. Songs featured include " Radar",  "Make it Look Easy", "Like a Champion",  "Unstoppable" and more.


Danger US, Vol. Two released on iTUNES

Our latest EP’s,  DANGER US (Vol 1 & 2), showcase the unmistakably attitude-laden pop+rock+hiphop cocktail that has been turning heads since their 2016 self-titled debut.  Fuzzy bass guitars, vintage drum machines, and idiosyncratic home-made synths all create the perfect playground for lead-singer Amy Stroup. And its a recipe that has paid off; their songs have garnered millions of Spotify plays and Youtube views and have been featured in TV shows like “Shameless”, “Conviction”, “Vampire Diaries”, “Son of Zorn”, “Charming Charlie”, “Younger”, and “Imposters”, to name only a few.  Much of their success has been born of their uncanny creative prolifically.   “We actually try to release a new EP every few months since we write so many songs and basically live in the studio” says Stroup.  A proposition that is fine by their ever growing fan base!

Check it out on iTUNES now!