Danger Twins

Nashville rock band by Amy Stroup & Andrew Bissell

Danger Twins is the hub for the music of the band. Nashville, TN band by Amy Stroup & Andrew Simple. Songs featured include " Radar",  "Make it Look Easy", "Like a Champion",  "Unstoppable" and more.


"JUST GOT REAL" - album coming April 6th

The much anticipated full length record entitled "JUST GOT REAL" will be releasing everywhere April 6th. Following the success and growing fan base of releases, "Like This", "Uh HuH" and popular single Radar, Amy and Andrew said it was time to make more music. "I'm so excited that fans want more music! It's a dream to work with Andrew and create this unique, empowering sound, " says Amy Stroup the collaborator with Andrew Bissell. On Danger Twins second LP release, “Just Got Real”, the effervescent indie-pop duo offer up a collage of left of center gems, post-hipster swagger, and even break new ground with a few anthems of resilience and achievement.  But if one thread draws the album together it is the notion of empowerment, whether general as in songs like “Do No Wrong” and “When U Got It U Got It”, or specific to the modern woman, evident in the lead off single “Girl’s Gotta”, where lead singer Amy Stroup unabashedly declares “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta”.  Look for the Girls Gotta single everywhere March 23rd, followed by the full length album "Just Got Real" releasing April 6th.